Responsible Tourism

As a radical tourists - we do tourism differently! Almost every place that you stay will be run by locals, our boats and vehicles will be hired or driven by locals, and almost all the provided meals will be cooked by locally owned restaurants or local families.

We're all about assisting local populations and positively impacting the environment. Our humanitarian projects are in partnership with Agape Love Foundation - a global humanitarian organization dedicated to empowering people to bring themselves out of poverty. By meeting communities where they are and working with them to strategize effective solutions to real problems on the ground, Agape Love Foundation has been able to empower communities from within and ultimately provide them with the impetus to bring themselves out of poverty in a manner that is consistent with local values and priorities. 

All of our groups are very small to allow radical tourists to build authentic relationships with the local community.

For radical tourists from the US, up to 25% of your program fee is tax deductable.

Volunteer Tourism

Are you ready to do more than just travel? If you’re ready to leave a lasting impact in every community that you place your feet and be personally transformed as well, then we’ve got you covered! About 23% of the population in Palawan lives in extreme poverty and we are looking for RADICAL change makers like yourself to help us empower and RADICALLY change the lives of these families.

Adventure Tourism

Ready to embark on an adventure? Grab your gear and meet us in Palawan, Philippines!!! After completing your epic volunteer task we're going on an island hopping camping trip around the Bacuit Archipelago. Where you'll snorkel in breathtakingly beautiful tropical reefs, climb limestone karst cliffs, relax in a paradise, eat freshly caught seafood and laze your nights away under the stars. Then back to shore we head - for a bicycle journey/jungle trekking waterfall excursion. Where you’ll see the natural flora and fauna and take a cooling dip in a natural pool deep in the rainforest.